We Schedule Services to Suit Your Time

I provide non-irritant and environmentally friendly pest control for sensitive and allergic people, and the most advanced methods in termite inspections and termite control. I use a comprehensive range of modern products, latest technology and equipment in order to detect and destroy termites.

I believe in delivering the best service and paying attention to each and every customer. Whether you need professional pest removal, insect control or simply need advice, I am here to assist. If pests have become a problem in your home or office, contact me and find out about our safe, effective and affordable solutions.

The home is one of the most crucial locations in the neighbourhood for pest control. Insects, spiders, rodents, and other vermin that can harm the health of your family and lower your quality of life. We specialise in controlling these pests for you.
We treat from the front fence to the back fence, any garden sheds,and/or garages, roof voids, subfloor, interior skirting boards, exterior eaves, childrens play equipment and all fence lines on a standard residential block.

We will visit your home annually or six monthly to ensure it is pest-free. Our treatments eliminate pests within and around your home, providing you peace of mind.

We always use safest methods of application and the lowest toxic insecticides so it’s safe to call us even if you have pets or small children in the house ensuring that you don’t have to share your house with any unwelcome visitors (pests).

Whatever your industry, pests are bad for business. JA Pest Control offers commercial pest control solutions throughout Newcastle. We will conduct a thorough inspection, identify the nature and severity of your pest problem and sit down with you to discuss your options.
You can be sure the quote we provide is fair, competitive and accurate – there are no hidden costs or added expenses. Once we’ve agreed on a plan of action that best suits your needs, we will act quickly and efficiently to treat the problem, eradicating all pests from your premises and safe-guarding against their return.
We understand that having pests on your premises can have a negative impact on your business, therefore we aim to minimise disruption to your day-to-day commercial operations, so you can get on with the job. Our pest control technicians work efficiently, our uniforms and trucks are clean and tidy and we won’t leave a mess. While we pride ourselves on our old-fashioned service, our equipment and products are ultra-modern and effective, as well as being safe for your staff, customers and the environment.